How to build a free business that gives you recurring income

Most people go to work to earn money to support their lifestyle. As they spend their money they have to keep working to bring in more money.

For most people, the work they did last week has no lasting value in their bank balance once the money has been spent.

But what if you had a business in which each sale you make this month will earn you a profit not just this month, but also next month, and the month after, and for many more months to come ?

This is called recurring income........and it doesn't take very long to realise that by the time you get into next month, if you are earning a profit in that month from sales in that month PLUS from sales in the previous month, then month by month you will be earning more and more income for doing the same amount of work !

Not only can you be running this type of business within a few weeks from now, but it can also be set up for less than the cost of a good night out ......

The secret to your free recurring income stream

The secret to recurring income is selling your customer a service for which they have to pay a monthly subscription or membership fee.

Adding membership functionality to your website (password protected areas and database administration etc) is relatively straightforward, but will require some expenditure.

Fortunately however, there is a way of building recurring income into your business for free.

The business model of charging a customer a monthly fee is based on the principle that if they stop paying the fee they cease to receive the service.

It follows logically that you should build into your service a disincentive for the customer to stop paying.

A good example would be if the service is a training course. Most people who start a course will want to complete it, or at the very least will stick with it for several months before pulling out.

So, how to deliver such a service ?

Simple -
  1. Paste a Paypal "Subscription" button onto your website, so that once they sign up Paypal keeps taking a payment from them every month thereafter until they cancel (and many of them never will).
  2. Deliver your product or service via an autoresponder, which will automatically email the customer a means of accessing each successive instalment of their course or eBook each month. If they cancel their payments - just delete them from your email list.

Opening a Paypal account and creating a payment button won't cost you anything.

Opening an autoresponder account can be as cheap as $1 for the first month, with subsequent months being more than covered by the fees your customers will pay you.....

...or alternatively, you could just email your customers manually yourself for the first few months to make the whole system totally free to run.

Switch on your new income stream in just a few weeks

In addition to all this you can also set up and host your website completely free of charge, and can even source products to sell and market them without incurring any cost.

So - a business you can set up and run for free, which delivers you recurring income month after month.

The Power Of Free toolkit shows you exactly how to set up this business in just a few weeks, with step by step videos guiding you through each stage of the process.

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